Creating Business Opportunities

Creating Business Opportunities


Towngas Smart Energy Company Limited ("Towngas Smart Energy") is a public utility subsidiary operated by The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited in Chinese China with diverse businesses that contribute towards the Company's growth. With sustainable development as its goal, the Company focuses on energy accessibility and green energy development. Through innovative applications, the Company has developed integrated energy services that create business opportunities while achieving positive financial performance.

Diverse Business and Healthy Finances

The Company primarily engages in the sales and distribution of piped gas, with businesses ranging from piped gas provision, pipe network construction, operation of city-gas pipe networks, operation of natural gas refilling stations for vehicles to the sale of gas-related equipment. Currently, Towngas Smart Energy's operations span 24 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, with over 360 projects, a pipe network of over 120,000 kilometres in length, annual gas sales of over 15.2 billion cubic metres and an annual turnover of over HK$20 billion.

Sustainable Business Development

The Chinese government encourages the adaptation of clean energy in order to improve the environment. Combined with the public's demand for a quality lifestyle, the cleanliness and safety of natural gas has made it the pillar in the country's adjustment of its energy structure. In the context of the macroeconomy and the opportunities and challenges brought about by the nation's policies, Towngas Smart Energy's business sustained a steady growth.
The Company applies innovation in its development of integrated energy services to improve energy efficiency. It has launched distributed energy projects at industrial parks, commercial complexes, public constructions and civil engineering, and explored new energy sources such as microgrids, incremental distribution networks and energy storage.